La dinámica de las firmas: un análisis desde la economía del conocimiento


Cadernos EBAPE.BR




This paper makes an analysis of the structural transformation of two economy sectors; for its development a theoretical construction is made that different authors have made about concepts like the society of knowledge, society of the information, the net society, the economy knowledge and how is the influence on the productive dynamics of the territories and the firms, this paper also contains an analysis of the appropriate indicators to determinate if there is an advance for a structural transformation that shows the approach of small and medium firms for technological innovation, the information and communication technologies, the investigation and development in the productive process in the companies. It makes reference to the research with the small and medium firms of the food's (biotechnology) confection- textile's sectors (design) in Medellin- Valle de Aburra and Manizales-Villamaría. It shows a methodology note, describing the process, the focus, the methods and the tools used to the information analysis, followed by the statistical description and the most representative factors in those small and medium firms concerning the structural transformation based on the knowledge economy.

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