La conformación de la antropoética a través de la tutoría académica en educación superior: (el caso del posgrado)


Avaliação: Revista da Avaliação da Educação Superior (Campinas)




Nowadays to talk about violence, war, terrorism, climate change, environmental damage and social deterioration, is to speak of a humanitarian crisis. With globalization comes human loss due to the hegemony of the market, technology and information, all of which can happen gradually or suddenly. We are living in a period in which we must reconcile matter and spirit, nature and culture, science and humanities, providing a reunion between technology and humanism, integrating memory and project. This is the challenge of education; therefore we believe that the new paradigm of education is shaping the anthropoetics. This paper describes the process of anthropoetics, its conceptual terms and concepts of composition, complexity, academic tutoring and cultural capital. We have chosen the strategy of academic tutoring, and the stage of higher education, specifically in the graduate program, because it is at this level of education that several lines of research and practical knowledge that lead to learning for other educational levels are generated, enabling the demanding process of anthropoetics from generation to generation, to achieve the goal of saving humanity achieving global humanization.

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