La calle es un lugar – Escenas de interacción entre varones homosexuales y agentes policiales durante la década de 1980 en Córdoba (Argentina)*


Cad. Pagu




Abstract In Argentina, during the 1980s, homosexual men who frequented certain night areas risked themselves to various ways of persecution by police officers. In this article we analyze, from the completion of a series of in-depth interviews, interactions developed between the subjects and agents of the police of the province of Cordoba, in the social scene of thestreet. These young men co-starred "dangerscenes" where the differential of power between the participants placed at risk the social and physical existence of those who were in the subordinate position. The study of these scenes allows to describe the tactics used by the interviewees and, at the same time, to recognize how they varied according to the power differentials between those involved.

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