La argumentación científica escolar: contribución a la comprensión de un modelo complejo de salud y enfermedad


Ciênc. educ. (Bauru)




This paper explores the existing relationship between the learning of school scientific argumentation and the acquisition of a complex model of health and diseases, more specifically to explain the emerging and re- emerging of diseasess. It is assumed that school scientific argumentation is a linguistic-cognitive procedure that gives rise to the production of a text that explains a topic in which four key domains can be recognised: pragmatics, rethoric, theory and logics. A historic-epistemological analysis of the concept of health was carried out and position was taken in favour of a complex model that we have defined as multicausal and multireferential. For both contents a didactic model unit has been designed, laying emphasis on the metacognitive and self-regulatory processes set into motion through the basis of orientation and instances of self-evaluation, co- evaluation and hetero-evaluation. The study is brought into line with a model of illocutionary explanation.

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