La acreditación en contexto de cambio: el caso de las carreras de ingeniería en la Argentina


Avaliação: Revista da Avaliação da Educação Superior (Campinas)




It is common place within academic and political discussions on higher education to affirm its key role in the development of any society. However, this assertion does not solve the question about what kind of education, to what development, for what society. This implies the recognition of the historical and political character of that relationship, since the answer to the question on what education for what society has not been nor can it always be the same; and whatever the answer, it always has to be part of a political project that views the problems of the society as a whole. With those assumptions on the horizon, we propose a reflection on the situation and perspectives of higher education in Latin America: it is a view that, first, assesses the changes occurred during the last years, to then consider the present context of higher education in the region and the challenges which must generate new answers in order to be faced. We attempt to make a contribution to the debate that poses in the center the question of what education we can and must promote in order to build a society with an autonomous cultural and productive development; with dialog and participation in the international scenario; and also with equity, integration and solidarity.

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