Knowledge as a competitive advantage in private security: a study in a company in Santa Catarina, Brazil


JISTEM J.Inf.Syst. Technol. Manag.




The aim of this study was to identify the relevance of knowledge management actions, specifically in the categories of 'knowledge', 'human capital', and 'innovation', adopted by one of the leading companies in the private security market of Santa Catarina. The leading company in the private security sector in the business segment of Santa Catarina served as the basis for the research on knowledge management application. The qualitative method with a descriptive approach was used. The results confirm the feasibility of knowledge management in companies in the sector, although the process is not formalized in private security organizations of Santa Catarina. Investment in intellectual capital, more specifically in human capital, is perceived as fundamental. Important items for the implementation of this process are being considered, such as the beginning of participation in communities of practice, the organization, processing and retention of information of the organization in a strategic manner, and the concern about communication between their employees.

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