Kierkegard e a educação da subjetividade: ironia e edificação




The work now presented is about the education of subjectivity in the thought of Søren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher from the first half of the nineteenth century. The first chapter explains the crisis of modern systematic thought and Kierkegaard`s criticism to logic formal thought and points to their interferes on contemporary education, understanding on the individual established in the context of modernity, the need for communication and the role of subjectivity in the transition from generic individual to individual in existence. The second chapter is about the concept of subjectivity and its relevance in the construction of the individual in Kierkegaard, delimited by the pseudonym Johannes Climacus in the work Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Philosophical Fragments. Inferred also on the relationship between disciple and master and the critical to our educational system from Philosophical Fragments. Even in the second chapter, the concept of edifying emerges as fundamental contribution to the education of subjectivity in Works of Love. The third chapter deals with kierkegaardian irony as apparatus of systematic descontruction, valuing the meaningful language of education, seriousness and humor. The fourth chapter relates the kierkegaardians concepts presented to the need of edification to a education of subjectivity that address the otherness, commitment and human existence, considering legal requirements and the necessary descontruction of actual pedagogical procedures so that education is not restricted to discussion and reflection, but established in practice and in the action of the existence. The (In) conclusion presents the possibility of developments in this research in future work, addressing the relationship between individual and state, community and society and with suggestions of possible dialogues with other author.


education filosofia da existência educação subjetividade filosofia da educacao subjectivity existential philosophy

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