Karyotypes of Brazilian non-volant small mammals (Didelphidae and Rodentia): An online tool for accessing the chromosomal diversity


Genet. Mol. Biol.




Abstract We have created a database system named CIPEMAB (CItogenética dos PEquenos MAmíferos Brasileiros) to assemble images of the chromosomes of Brazilian small mammals (Rodents and Marsupials). It includes karyotype information, such as diploid number, karyotype features, idiograms, and sexual chromosomes characteristics. CIPEMAB facilitates quick sharing of information on chromosome research among cytogeneticists as well as researchers in other fields. The database contains more than 300 microscopic images, including karyotypic images obtained from 182 species of small mammals from the literature. Researchers can browse the contents of the database online (http://www.citogenetica.ufes.br). The system enables users to locate images of interest by taxa, and to display the document with detailed information on species names, authors, year of the species publication, and karyotypes pictures in different colorations. CIPEMAB has a wide range of applications, such as comparing various karyotypes of Brazilian species and identifying manuscripts of interest.

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