Jornal Correio Paulistano - constituição e mudança do gênero anúncio de emprego (1854 a 1900) sob a perspectiva crítico-discursiva / Newspaper Correio Paulistano - Constitution and change in Job Advertisements genre (from 1854 to 1900) under a critical-discursive perspective


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The aim of this thesis is to present a diachronic analysis of the speech genre job advertisements published in the newspaper Correio Paulistano from 1854 to 1900. Based on the perspective of Mikhail Bakhtin, we will emphasize their constitutive aspects and their relative stability, because speech genres are the product of a dialogic tension between two forces: centrifugal (mutation) and centripetal (stability); and their social role established and consolidated in the nineteenth-century society. The reason for this choice is the possibility of observing the customs and habits of a period, because of the documentary character of these advertisements. The speech genre which consists of three essential aspects, the thematic content, style and compositional structure, is materialized in social relations, which are dialogic in nature, and become a form of social action, that circulates in the social sphere adhering to context conventions, and constraints and simultaneously undergoing constant changes due to its plasticity. In this sense, we apply the theoretical-methodological framework of Critical Discourse Analysis, as developed by Fairclough, to study the context of culture/ context of situation in which the genre is embedded. This perspective views the discourse as any discursive event within a three dimensions framework: text, social practice and discursive practice which allow us to study the utterances responsible for the development of job advertisements, embedded in a historical social and cultural context, as well to analyses the hegemonic and ideologies relationship set in it and through it.


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