Isolation and some characteristics of anaerobic oxalate-degrading bacteria from the rumen.


Obligately anaerobic oxalate-degrading bacteria were isolated from an enriched population of rumen bacteria in an oxalate-containing medium that had been depleted of other readily metabolized substrates. These organisms, which are the first reported anaerobic oxalate degraders isolated from the rumen, were gram negative, nonmotile rods. They grew in a medium containing sodium oxalate, yeast extract, cysteine, and minerals. The only substrate that supported growth was oxalate. Growth was directly related to the concentration of oxalate in the medium (1 to 111 mM), and cell yields were approximately 1.1 g (dry weight)/mol of oxalate degraded. Oxalate was stoichiometrically degraded to CO2 and formate. These anaerobes occupy a unique ecological niche and are distinct from any previously described oxalate-degrading bacteria.

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