IPRDataCol - software for field labelling and data storage


Crop Breed. Appl. Biotechnol.




Abstract The software IPRDataCol was developed in 2017 at the Instituto Agronômico do Paraná (IAPAR) by a research group (Nucleo1) studying information technology applied to agricultural research. Due to the software architecture, whether the label-generating nor the data capture module use any native database, i.e, the program can be used directly from portable storage devices with flash memory. It is designed as a support tool to meet the needs of different research projects, regarding optimization in the identification of experimental plots in the field or laboratory/greenhouse, with subsequent logging of yield data measured by electronic scales, and storage in digital files. The software can be downloaded free of charge from the internet (http://nucleo1.org), without registration. The use of this program will contribute to minimize errors in data acquisition since the typing phase is not necessary for yield data measured by electronic scales.

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