Investigations on the scaling relations of self-gravitating stellar systems / Investigações sobre as relações de escala dos sistemas estelares auto-gravitantes




We aim in this work to collect several numerical and analitical investigations concerning the origin of the scaling relations of the self-gravitating stellar systems. These relations depend on a very small number of independent physical parameters that reduce and confine the observational constraints to a plane in this parameter space, called the ""Fundamental Meta-Plane"" (MPF)(Burstein et al. 1997)of the self-gravitating stellar systems, and the ""Fundamental Plane"" (PF)(Djorgovski e Davis 1987), in the case of elliptical galaxies. We analysed the characteristic parameters of objects resulting from the non-dissipative gravitational relaxation of models representing protogalaxies, based on the hypothesis that the structures in the Universe were formed from hierarchical clusterings. We analysed collapses of primordial stellar clouds and mergers of protogalactic models with one and two components. This investigation aimed to give continuity to the research carried out by Capelato, de Carvalho e Carlberg (1995), where it was demonstrated that a dissipationless one-component merger scheme of galactic models was able to reproduce the PF. In this thesis, we tried to understand more deeply the results of CdCC95. We isolated the effect of the dark halo on the conditions of the luminous component. We investigated whether the physical properties of self-gravitating systems envolved by a dark halo could be solely described by a formulation of the virial theorem that explicitally takes into consideration the gravitational potential term that represents the inter-action of the dark halo with the luminous component. We compared the predictions resulting from this ""two-component virial hypothesis"" with the scaling relations of the self-gravitating stellar systems in general, and found a good agreement with the MPF.


galatic evolution simulation relações de escala relationships galactic structure galáxias elípticas formação das galáxias elliptical galaxies simulação scaling astrofÍsica estrutura galática

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