Investigation of some properties of gluten-free tarhanas produced by red, green and yellow lentil whole flour


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract Gluten-free lentil tarhanas were obtained by replacing red, green and yellow lentil whole flour instead of wheat flour used in traditional tarhana formulation. Some physical, chemical, bioactive, microbiological, reological, morphological and sensory properties of these tarhanas were investigated comparatively. Amount of crude protein (%), crude ash (%), crude fat(%), soluble-insoluble-total dietary fibre (%), some elements, antioxident activity (µmol TE/100 g) and total phenolic content (mg GAE/100g) of the tarhanas which were obtained by using lentil flour were significantly increased compared to the control tarhanas. All varieties of tarhana exhibited pseudoplastic flow behavior. In terms of microbiological evaluation; lentil tarhanas has higher lactic acid bacteria with yeast and mold amount compared to control tarhanas. When lentil tarhanas were compared, the green lentil tarhanas is the richest one according to the values of soluble-insoluble-total dietary fiber (%), crude ash (%),total phenolic content and antioxidant activity. Tarhanas examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the control and red lentil tarhanas with green and yellow lentil tarhanas exhibited similar morphological characteristics. It has been found that the sensory evaluation of tarhanas is not statistically different from each other in terms of general appreciation. As a result of this, it shows that gluten-free tarhanas produced with lentil flour can be consumed instead of control tarhanas.

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