Investigation of dynamic instability of three plates switch under step DC voltage actuation using modified couple stress theory


Lat. Am. j. solids struct.




Abstract In this paper dynamical instability of three-layer micro-switch under DC voltage actuation has been studied. Recent studies have used the classical beam theory while leaving out the length scale parameter. In this paper dynamic behavior of the switch has been investigated based on couple stress theory and considering the length scale parameter. To this end, governing dynamic equation of the micro switch has been extracted and presented. Considering the nonlinearity of governing equation due to the existence of electrostatic force, Galerkin method has been implemented to overcome this nonlinearity and solve the mentioned equation and obtain the dynamic response. Dynamic response of micro switch has been investigated with and without considering the damping effects. Variation of dynamic pull-in voltage versus micro beam length and primary gap between micro beam and stationary electrodes have been studied using couple stress and classic beam theory and obtained results have been compared to each other. Also dependency of dynamic pull-in voltage to damping factor has been studied with considering two theories. Furthermore switching time of micro switch have been determined and compared using couple stress and classic beam theories.

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