Investigate the Effect of Dielectric Properties on Microwave Absorption of Pyramidal Microwave Absorber


Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications




Abstract This paper presents an analysis of the impact of various dielectric properties material’s effects on broadband pyramidal microwave absorbers (PMA). The Computer Simulation Technology (CST) studio software simulates and analyzes the PMA over 0.7 GHz to 30 GHz frequency range. To achieve the best reflectivity performance of the PMA, different types of dielectric materials and the thickness of the base layers were analyzed and investigated. The average of four types of sample materials studied, the reflectivity level is between -50 dB and -27 dB for the desired range of frequency, 0.7 GHz to 30 GHz. The sample-4 material has a dielectric constant of 3.83, and a loss tangent of 1.52 has the best microwave absorption, absorbing microwaves above -48 dB over the frequency range of 0.7 GHz to 30 GHz. Because of its microwave absorption capability, sample-4 could be used in a microwave pyramidal absorber.

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