Investigação dialetológica no distrito Nossa Senhora da Guia: análise semântico-lexical de bamburro, tacuru e bateia / Dialectological research in Nossa Senhora da Guia District: lexical-semantic analysis of bamburro, tacuru and bateia


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Dedicated to investigate the lexicon of the residents of Nossa Senhora da Guia District from the bamburro, tacuru and bateia lexias registered in the speech of the elderly in research conducted in 2007, this thesis aims elements that contribute to the identification and justification of the movement of the language in that locality, providing subsidies for the maintenance check, change and /or lexical-semantic variation. To this end, the research uses the collection in loco instrument with a questionnaire for the three established categories of research subjects, constituted from the theoretical and methodological basis presented by Linguistic Atlas of Brazil (ALiB) and from the results already obtained in Berthold (2007). In this study, considering the sex, occupation and education level variables, are defined as research subjects: 1. Residents aged 60 years or over, 2. Residents aged from 30 to 59 years and 3. People aged from 19 to 29 years. It is intended, with the reached results, add new data to the analyzes and hypotheses collected in Bertoldo (2007) and, thus, contribute to the fieldwork and studies aimed at determining the characteristics and isoglosses of varieties of Portuguese spoken in Brazil.


análise dialetal dialectical analysis distrito nossa senhora da guia estudo semântico-lexical lexical-semantic study nossa senhora da guia district

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