Investigação da citotoxicidade, indução de apoptose, efeitos genotóxicos e protetores do flavonóide rutina em células hepáticas HTC


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Rutin is a flavonoid of great therapeutic importance because it possesses somebiological activities such as antioxidant, vasodilator and stimulant of immune system.Considering that there are few and controversial reports in literature about rutin toxicityand its protector effect, the present study investigated the cytotoxic, genotoxic andprotector effects of rutin on hepatic cells (HTC – hepatoma of Rattus novergicus). In thecytotoxicity assay - MTT - none of the concentrations of rutin (10μM to 810μM) werecytotoxic after 24 and 48h of treatment, however with 72h of treatment the highestconcentration presented cytotoxicity. The Cell Viability and Kinetics Proliferationassays also demonstrated that only the highest concentration (810μM) decreased theviability or interfered on growth curve after 72h of treatment. In the evaluation ofapoptosis induction in situ, none of the concentrations of rutin induced apoptosis in 24htreatment. The results obtained in Comet assay (SCGE) showed that only the highestconcentration of rutin (810μM) induced DNA damage after 24h of treatment,nevertheless in Micronucleus test with cytokinesis block (MNCtB) it was not observedgenotoxic effect. In evaluating the protector effect against the pro-carcinogenic agentbenzo[a]pyrene in MNCtB, the three highest concentrations (90, 270 and 810μM)reduced damages significantly (reduction of damages of 36,7%, 51, 4% e 54,4%,respectively). Even though the genotoxic effect of rutin evidenced in Comet assay, thisdamage was not fixed and did not was observed in MNCtB assay, suggesting that therepair system acts efficiently against the damages produced by highest concentration ofrutin (810μM). Moreover, data demonstrating protection of rutin, against a quitecommon pro-carcinogen, suggest an important biological activity that can contribute tohuman health.


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