Introgression of the Rl adg allele of resistance to potato leafroll virus in Solanum tuberosum L.


Crop Breed. Appl. Biotechnol.




Abstract Genetic resistance to Potato Leafroll Virus (PLRV) is polygenic, which hinders the obtainment of resistant cultivars. However, works carried out at the International Potato Center have identified an andigena accession, LOP-868, with high resistance level and low accumulation of PLRV due to the gene of major effect Rladg. We verify the transfer of the Rladg allele to clones of the cross between LOP-868 and UFLA clones, by using the SCAR RGASC850 molecular marker; to evaluate the reaction of these clones to PLRV by inoculating the virus using aphids; and to analyze their agronomic performance of clones. Among the clones inoculated with viruliferous aphids, 49.3% were negative to the serological test, indicating possible resistance. Clones containing the Rladg allele were identified by the RGASC850 molecular marker, which demonstrates the possibility of transferring the Rladg allele of resistance to PLRV from LOP-868 to Solanum tuberosum. Some clones that presented the Rladg allele are also promising for agronomic performance.

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