Intervenções terapêuticas conjuntas na unidade de terapia intensiva neonatal e pediátrica




The text describes the work developed in a Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (NPICU), whose main goal is the parents-baby link care. Although such link is of major importance for the physical and mental development of the baby, it is often threatened by the emotional complexity endured during the hospitalization. The first phase of the work was dedicated to the Observation of the Mother-Baby Relationship, Esther Bicks Method, at NPICU. I not only describe data gathered about the baby, his parents and hospital staff, but also show the consequences of the presence of the psychoanalytic observer at the Unit. After considerations about the observations period, I developed the second phase of the work, which I named Joint Therapeutic Interventions at the NPICU. The technique used in such interventions was a development of the Observation of the Mother-Baby Relationship, Esther Bicks Method. The theoretical foundations used were Melanie Kleins Projective Identification concept and its communicative function developed by W. Bion (Bion, 1962/1988), Container-Contained concept (Bion, 1962/1988) and Rêverie (Bion, 1962/1988) as well as early anxiety notion developed by E. Bick in her work The experience of the skin in early object relations (1968/1991). I highligth the importance of the presence of a psychoanalyst at NPICU, who may help diminish the aguishes proper to hospitalization, through their continent attitude and small interventions. By doing so, the psychoanalyst allows the participants of an NPICU to resume their functions, which is frequently obstructed by the emotional overload brought about by the disease or by hospitalization, so that the baby may have his path freed towards his psychic growth


utinp cuidado intensivo dos recem-nascidos pediatria neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit relação mãe-bebê unidade de terapia intensiva neonatal e pediátrica mae e lactente npicu mother-baby relationship psicologia

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