Interpretação mediada e interfaces tecnologicas para percussão / Interpretação mediada &interfaces tecnologicas para percussão




This research studies the musician?s techniques when interpreting contemporary works in which he/she interacts with a musical instruments, live electronics and real-time computer processing. This study framework is called here as Mediated Interpretation. This dissertation presents this subject with a brief narrative on the origins of electroacoustic music, followed by mixed music and arriving to the interpretation of mediated works. Further, three relevant topics are described: elements of performance, sensing and processing devices and a discussion on concepts of interpretative and scenic gestures. This research makes use of Interaction Workshops, where a set of interfaces is studied along techniques of percussion instruments, as methodological procedure. As a result, interpretative sketches for marimba and other instruments are presented; interactive sticks, sound processing through microphone capitation and improvisation with multi-percussion and live electronics are tested. The dissertation?s conclusion points out that in processes of mediated interpretation, there should be a search for an interpretative balance between traditional techniques and freedom and spontaneity offered by new interfaces. The interpreter can apply his/her instrumental techniques in an broad sense, enhancing aspects of the contemporary musical language, exploring new sounds and acquiring knowledge and experience on the use of live electronics in interactive performances


percussion interface improvisation (music) interface improvisação (musica) interaction percussão interação

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