Interdisciplinary interventions in the perioperative rehabilitation of total laryngectomy: an integrative review






The aim of this study was to use the scientific literature to identify interdisciplinary interventions for rehabilitation during the perioperative period for cancer patients who underwent total laryngectomy. We systematically researched controlled descriptors: laryngectomy, patient care team/education, patient care team/manpower, patient care team/methods, patient care team/utilization and rehabilitation. We performed a qualitative narrative synthesis and identified 549 articles. Of these, 113 were duplicates, 398 were excluded during the analysis of the title and abstract, 1 was excluded for unfeasibility of access, and 4 were excluded after reading the article in full, resulting in 33 included articles. The articles addressed different types of interdisciplinary actions, such as vocal, olfactory, pulmonary and alimentary rehabilitation; comparisons of prosthetic devices; and descriptions of practices for total laryngectomized patient rehabilitation. Although the interventions found in the literature were effective in the rehabilitation of the total laryngectomized patient, their interdisciplinarity was not evidenced but was highlighted in these studies as a factor for improvement in terms of practical assistance and quality of life.

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