Intercommunicative didatic in online collaborative courses. / Didática intercomunicativa em cursos online colaborativos.




This work brings the results of an investigation of qualitative character, supported by descriptions from an online training course based on the collaborative approach of learning. This investigation proves the thesis that the didactic held in distance online courses, guided by the collaborative approach, favors the participation, communication and interaction among the participants, and this way enables higher learning. The theoretical references looked for to place the centrals that involved the proposal. The practice observed in the course brought elements that deepened the reflection on the new ways of the didacticism, made by the collaborative activities developed in virtual atmospheres of learning. The proposal of the course challenged the knowledge and concepts already assumed by the didacticism and it guided the action for the incorporation of new concepts and presupposed on the border between communication and education. The technological innovations, however, showed new aspects and possibilities that are going besides the didactic communication in the sense presented by the theoretical ones studied. The possibilities offered by the virtual atmospheres of learning for interaction and communication among all the participants of the courses online, at any time and in any place, change significantly the potential of the strategies of teaching-learning that can be used. The choice of collaborative approaches as methodological guidance for the development of strategies and procedures unchained in the studied course, joined to the technological aspects the ideal conditions for the teaching-learning process based on interaction and communication were expanded. In terms of results - with regard to the learning objectives desired by current and desired by the research - the proposal of the course has achieved its purposes. For the research, the experience, participation, interaction and studentscommunication in the course validated and outperformed the hypotheses in relation to do the didactic in collaborative online courses, putted by the investigation.


teaching and learning ensino e aprendizagem ensino a distância didactic distance teaching collaboration colaboração educação online didática online education

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