Interação da vegetação arbórea e poluição atmosférica na cidade de São Paulo / Interaction between trees and air pollution in the city of São Paulo




The comprehension of the urban forest interaction with atmospheric pollution is important to urban planning and public health. The urban forest is able to held back and absorb the air pollution besides the use as low coast biomonitor and privileges location. The Ibirapuera Park located in a central area of the city of São Paulo has an heterogeneous urban forest and inside of this park there are the mains trees founded in the streets of São Paulo. This aspect has made easier the study of the interaction of those trees with the air pollution. For the realization of this study was need the collection of the foils of the trees and theirs grind for the analyses of the inorganic components. The determination of the elements presents in the leaf of the trees with the technique of x-ray fluorescence allows understand the interaction of these elements with the tree and give the tree the function of ambient biomonitor.


urbanization. arborização - são paulo urbanização. arboriculture são paulo atmospheric pollution florestas poluição atmosférica forest

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