INTER-GENDER IN ADVERTISING:a semilinguistic approach / Intergenericidade em anúncios publicitários: uma abordagem semiolinguística




This work presents a study about all genres, like persuasion resource in advertising, analyzed from Semilinguistics theoretical model, it was proposed by Charaudeau (2008), whose goal is to verify how all genres takes part in the enunciated construction, considering the position which was adopted by the subject (allocution, elocution and no locution) in the staging and to analyze which form the position adopted by this subject in the advertisings contributes for the construction of the persuasion. We have analyzed 20 advertisings that advertise or sell one benefit or service. Like analysis criterion of all genres, we consider that there was deviation or maintenance of the sense, of the content, of the thematic and of the style of the involved genres. Yet in the analysis of the argumentative way, we chose as analysis categories, the argumentative relation (assertive of departure, of arrival and of the passageway) and the argumentative device (proposal, proposition and persuasion) the analyses revealed that the investigated advertisings did not suffer alteration of their recurring elements (body of the text and signature/type). For all genres, while stylistic resource, reproduces profound or superficially the contract, the thematic and the textual organization from other genre, allowing that the advertising assumes all the characteristics of this other genre, inclusive of the positioning of the subjects inside the enunciated staging without the appellative character be abandoned. In the analysis of the enunciated way , we verify that all genres served to build a staging in which the subject commentator practices influence relation and authority in relation to the interlocutor attesting a positioning of the own allocution of the advertisings. we also prove that the argumentation starts being organized from all genres and, thus, the genre used in the advertising serves like cloth of fund for the development of the staging. In short, the analyses proved that all served as the base element of the staging composition as advertised as argumentative and, therefore, it takes part and it interferes in the construction of the way of telling of the advertising genre.


anúncio persuasão(retórica) linguistica publicidade - brasil semiolinguística modo enunciativo análise do discurso persuasion persuasão comunicação de massa e linguagem anúncios - brasil argumentative way modo argumentativo advertising semilinguistic enunciated way comunicação de massa - semiótica

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