Instrumento de mediação informatizado : mudanças no processo de desenvolvimento cognitivo de aluno e professor de matemática




This work has the main objective of showing the educational benefits of the computer use in teaching the polynomial function of second level and its graphs through the computer. It will allow the student to reflect upon the benefits of the use of computer in the teaching-learning process of Mathematics to high school students at the Colégio Tupy. Therefore, it will be analyzed and discussed the methods of Math teaching traditionally used in the classroom, with the use of board and chalk and the exercises of the math book, as well as, to investigate the researches done by education subjects who are constructing and testing theories of the use of computers and other technologies recently being developed at school. Once observed the results and applications of procedures that envision testing the validity of hypotheses of work here proposed, at the light of the theoretical reference used. Some pedagogical procedures are proposed to correct the inappropriateness, or to reinforce the positive aspects resulting of the systematized application of the present proposal.


professores de matemática mediação ensino gerenciado por computador interaction gráfico de funções educacao technology tecnologia educacional interação mediation informática computer matemática maths knowledge estudo e ensino conhecimento matemático tecnologia functions graphs processo ensino-aprendizagem teaching-learning process

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