Innovation, research and development on the passion fruit peel flour: bibliometric approach


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract The passion fruit peel flour, retrieved from the drying and milling of fruit-processing residues, is rich in fibers. In fact, it is an important food source, featuring many benefits for the human organism. Current study forwards a scientific and technological evaluation of the passion fruit peel flour development through bibliometric indicators. Data from scientific production were collected from Web of Science database and patent search was performed at different databases USPTO, WIPO, EPO and INPI. Bibliometric analysis addresses key sections focused on articles and patent applications, authors and inventors, relevant areas of interest, institutions and countries. The analysis of citations and analysis of social networks were also used as complementary indicators. The scientific and technological production of the passion fruit peel flour has occurred mostly in Brazil, particularly at universities. Since production is still fledging, greater investments are required to improve Science, Technology & Innovation (ST&I) indicators in the field.

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