Inmigrantes francófonos en los orígenes de la comunicación visual en la prensa peiódica argentina (1827-1870)






ABSTRACT This paper presents a periodization of Francophone immigration with an impact on the visual activity of the press in Argentina, in three main moments after its first emergence in the 1820s. The periodization shows that its first two moments coincide with the First and second stage of the development of visual arts for the periodic press in the country and provide almost all of its pioneering protagonists. But, instead, the time of the great display of visual arts in the periodic press from the 1890s, characterized by the forging of an industrialized publishing market, a growing professionalization of the various activities related to printing, including the business management, and the complete systematization of the presence of images in magazines and newspapers, does not coincide with any of the three moments of this Francophone immigration. It is concluded, therefore, that the notorious presence of Francophone protagonists in the early stages was not attracted by the development and attractiveness of the local market, which does attract Spanish and Italians in the last decades of the century, but occurs as a readjustment of their activity in the country taking advantage of their general and technical instruction, as well as the knowledge of more developed items in their countries of origin than in the one of adoption, which gave them a decisive advantage as pioneers of graphic-visual occupations.

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