Informations to improve public-private partnership (PPP): the urban operations in São Paulo. / Subsídios para a implementação de parceria público privada (PPP): operações urbanas em São Paulo.




The use of intelligent mechanisms and legal support such as the Urban Operation implementing a better Construction’s Additional Potenciality enables free enterprise to develop modern building enterprises, allowing their fruition by the whole local community, propitiating benefits to public roads, draining, collective transportation and dwellings of social interest. The Urban Operations can be implanted in the most different regions leading to the progress already found in the southwestern part of the city of São Paulo, improving the growth vectors’ direction, looking to a better urbanistic equilibrium. The economic viability of this enterprise, encouraged by the Urban Operations enabled the public/ private partnership to flexibilize the rationality of earth occupation use and is the main objetive of this work.


operações urbanas consorciadas public-private partnership uso do solo parceria público privada functional - use zones urban operations

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