Information disclosure and stock liquidity: evidence from the Brazilian Iron and Steel sector / Divulgação de informações e liquidez de ações: evidências do setor de siderurgia e metalurgia do Brasil




In the context of the Theory of Disclosure, which studies phenomena related to information dissemination, this research aimed to study the relation between stock liquidity and the level of disclosure of Brazilian publicly-traded companies from the Iron and Steel sector between 1998 and 2007. To measure the stock liquidity concept, different measurement tools were adopted, as well as the method developed by Lima (2007) to calculate the disclosure index. The interest in this research line is due to the large number of studies about this theme in the international market, which is not so developed in Brazil. Descriptive statistical analyses of position were performed, using Mann-Whitneys U-test, Spearmans correlation and regressions with panel data and Newey-West standard errors. As a result, a statistically and economically significant positive correlation was found between disclosure and stock liquidity, in line with earlier and mainly foreign research. Based on these results, it can be inferred that, in line with Amihud and Mendelson (1986), liquidity can influence companies cost of capital, specifically in the sector under analysis, so that the alternative research hypothesis cannot be rejected.


teoria da divulgação stock liquidity theory of disclosure custo de capital cost of capital liquidez de ações

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