Influência de KlRox1p no metabolismo fermentativo de Kluyveromyces lactis / Influence of KlRox1p on fermentative metabolism of Kluyveromyces lactis




This work is a contribution to the studies about the role of KlRox1p in fermentative metabolism of Kluyveromyces lactis. Rox1p is known in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by repressing in aerobic conditions genes that are expressed when oxygen is limited. The kinetics growth of lineages of Kluyveromyces lactis MW270-7B and its derivative mutant K. lactis MW270- 7B rox1Δ was carry out on YNB media (Yeast Nitrogen Base) containing fermentative carbon sources (glucose and lactose) or non fermentative carbon sources (glycerol and ethanol) to determine the growth profile on this sources. Besides both yeasts had its fermentative capacity researched in the presence of an inhibitor of electron chain carrier, antimicin A on YPD (yeast extract, peptone and glucose). The results indicated that the absence of KlROX1 didn t favor the growth in fermentative carbon sources, but it favored in non fermentative carbon sources. The more fermentative capacity of K. lactis rox1Δ was confirmed for the higher ethanol yield for biomass detected in the absence and presence of antimicin A (10 and 20 M). The lineages rox1 mutant and control were also cultivated on YNB plus glucose under aerobic continuous culture (D = 0,01 h-1) and later they were submitted to a hypoxic condition for 9 hours. Samples were collected every 3 hours for analysis of the expression of putative target genes of KlRox1p as well as analysis of ethanol and of the enzymatic activity of the alcohol desidrogenase (ADH). For the analysis of gene expression, recognition sequences for KlRox1p were researched in silico in the promoters of the genes KlAAC3, KlCOX5B, KlHEM13, KlHAP1, KlRAG1 and KlADH1 and they were found diverging of two nucleotide of the consensus sequence YYYATTGTTCTC. KlRox1p showed to have negative effect on expression of KlAAC3 and KlHEM13, but it didn t seem to act on KlCOX5B. The ethanol concentration, the activity of ADH and the expression of KlADH1 evidenced the metabolism more fermentative of K. lactis rox1Δ on aerobic and hypoxic conditions. And in a way not known, KlRox1p acts on expression of KlHAP1 and KlRAG1. The influence of KlRox1p on expression of KlADH1, KlRAG1 and KlHAP1 suggests the participation of KlRox1p in the control of key points of the fermentative metabolism: entrance of the glucose that determine the flow for the maintenance of fermentative way, as well as in the reductive reaction end that culminates with the ethanol production. The existence of genes that showed to be regulated negatively by KlRox1p in aerobic condition, like KlAAC3 and KlHEM13, indicates the existence in K. lactis of mechanism of transcriptional regulation for oxygen that intends to better use the oxygen in a limit condition, similar to the function of Rox1p in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. However that mechanism seems not just to be related with the concentrations of oxygen, but also with the carbon sources used, fermentative sources or non fermentative sources.


kluyveromyces lactis kluyveromyces lactis metabolismo fermentativo biologia e fisiologia dos microorganismos fermentative metabolism gene expression expressão gênica

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