Influencia da forma do palato e da sorção de agua na adaptação de proteses totais




The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of palate geometric shapes ( deep, intennediate and flat) and the period of storage in water at 3712 DC (24 hours, 15 and 30 days) related to the adaption of superior complete dentures bases of heat -cured acrylic resin. The superior complete dentures was confeccioned from master cast duplicated with individual trays using silicone and embebed with stone plaster. After waxed, cured and deflasked, the complete dentures were storaged in water in the previously determined periods. Afterly, with the aid of an especific instnnnent on fixation grip, it was possible to control the final adjustment of the dentures over the master cast and its fixation with instantanious adhesive. The cuts were made with manual saw in corresponding postpalatal region, central region of first molars and distal regions of canines. The disadjustment between acrylic resin base and cast stone was mesured with an linear microscope. The results showed an statistical significative difference when the most . posterior cut (cut l) was compared with the cuts H and lH. The greater disajustment was obtained in the cut l and the smallest one was observed in cut lH. The periods of storage in water at 37-:12 DC didn t show any statistic difference between the data. The results showed that the postpalatal region is the most adversely to the adaptation in total dentures, with the deep geometric shape increasing the disadjustments, being able to interfere in retention and stability of superior total dentures


resinas dentarias protese dentaria completa materiais dentarios

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