Influence of foot pain on frailty symptoms in an elderly population: a case-control study


Sao Paulo Med. J.




ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Frailty is a condition that can increase the risk of falls. In addition, foot disorders can negatively influence elderly people, thus affecting their condition of frailty. OBJECTIVE: To determine whether foot pain can influence a greater degree of frailty. DESIGN AND SETTING: Cross-sectional descriptive study conducted at the University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain. METHODS: A sample older than 60 years (n = 52), including 26 healthy subjects and 26 foot pain patients, was recruited. Frailty disability was measured using the 5-Frailty scale and the Edmonton Frailty scale (EFS). RESULTS: There were statistically significant differences in the total EFS score and in most of its subscales, according to the Mann-Whitney U test (P < 0.05). In addition, foot pain patients presented worse scores (higher 5-Frailty scores) than did healthy patients, regarding matched-paired subjects (lower EFS scores). With regard to the rest of the measurements, there were no statistically significant differences (P > 0.05). The highest scores (P < 0.001) were for fatigue on the 5-Frailty scale and the EFS, and for the subscale of independence function in EFS. CONCLUSIONS: These elderly patients presented impairment relating to ambulation and total 5-Frailty score, which seemed to be linked to the presence of frailty syndrome and foot disorders.

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