InfluÃncia da desnutriÃÃo neonatal em parÃmetros imunes de ratos treinados e submetidos ao estresse de contenÃÃo




Objective: The neonatal malnutrition (NM) influence was analyzed in immune parameters of 36 Wistar young adults (60 days) male rats, trained or not and submitted to the contention stress (CS). Methods: In the nurtured groups (casein 17%) and malnourished (8%) they were appraised total leukocytes (hemocytometer) and differentiate (blood smears); hemoglobin (cianomethemoglobin); hematocrit (microhematocrit); red blood cell (hemocytometer); nitric oxide (Griess reaction); phagocytes rate (percentile of macrophages that phagocytes the mushroom), oral microbiota and body weight BW. The trainings groups accomplished a moderate physical training (MPT) in wake (60min./dia, 5 days/week, for 8 weeks). In CS, the animal was contained in PVC pipe (24 cm-length x 8 cm-diameter) for 40 minutes after - MPT (24horas). The paired, non-paired t-test and ANOVA were used (p <0.05), with average and standard deviation. Results: On article: âThe moderate physical training and precocious malnutrition effect on the normal oral microbiota of adult ratsâ, the MPT and NM reduced the OM and alter the bacterial pattern of the undernourished ones. On article: Adaptation leukocyte, hematimetric and morphologic to the moderated physical training of early undernourished rats", MPT seems to have caused physiologic adaptation from to 1st week in the BW and in the blood cells in the malnourished train MT. On article: The neonatal malnutrition influence in the nitric oxide production, phagocytes rate, leukocytes response and hematimetric of trained rats and submitted to the contention stress, MPT and the nutritional recovery attenuated the repercussions caused by NM and CS in MT


malnutrition neonatal estresse de contenÃÃo physical exercise sistema imune microbiota oral exercÃcio fÃsico nutricao contention stress desnutriÃÃo neonatal immune system oral microbiota

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