Incapacidades físicas durante o tratamento dos pacientes com hanseníase em dois municípios do estado de São Paulo.




Periodical evaluation to prevent physical disabilities is important in the follow up of patients with leprosy. This study aimed of evaluating the development of the patients disabilities examined into two services with different frequencies of evaluation between them. This retrospective crosshistorical study observed 30 and 98 patients examined in José Bonifácio, SP and São José do Rio Preto, SP, respectively. An initial and final evaluation of the treatment was performed in the period of January 1994 to December 1999. To evaluate the development of the disabilities, six indexes were elaborated to compare the initial and final evaluations. Some disabilities were present in all cases of multibacillaries, and 86.7% of paucibacillaries in José Bonifácio; 75% of multibacillary and 59% of paucibacillaries in São José do Rio Preto. The indexes of nose as well as the strength of upper/inferior members showed less frequent disabilities with improvement or no alteration during the treatment in both municipalities. In São José do Rio Preto, the development of disabilities was more satisfactory compared with José Bonifácio, according to the general index, eye index and sensitivity of the upper members. The others indexes showed a satisfactory evolution in both municipalities. Statistical tests were not used in these indexes. A regular and adequate evaluation either during investigation or monitoring of neural function may avoid the development of neural disorders; mainly in the eyes, in the variables in relation to the sensitivity of the upper members as well in the general index.


hanseníase incapacidades físicas leprosy avaliação da deficiência disability evaluation evaluación de la discapacidad prevenção prevention fisioterapia e terapia ocupacional physical disabilities disabled persons pessoas portadoras de deficiência personas con discapacidad lepra

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