In vitro studies of osteoblasts response onto zinc aluminate ceramic films


Materials Research




Zinc based or doped ceramics have shown to be capable of increasing osteoblasts proliferation, biomineralization and bone formation. However, studies regarding the biological applications processes in ZnAl2O4 ceramic films are very scarce. For this reason, the objective of this in vitro study was to investigate the response of osteoblasts cells cultured onto ZnAl2O4 films. Our results showed a good biological response related to attachment and viability, with good cell morphology attached to the semi-spherical grains of the ceramic and the analysis of mineral-like tissue showed a high quantity of mineral deposited and organized as tiny spherical-like nodules attached to nanostructure surface of ZnAl2O4 material films. Based in our results, ZnAl2O4 films stimulated the bioactivity of osteoblasts cells and provide a microenvironment that favors cell differentiation and mineralization processes, suggesting their potential use as osteoconductive coating onto currently orthopedic and dental implants.

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