Imprimindo a resistencia : a imprensa anarquista e a repressão politica em São Paulo (1930-1945)




As a result of researches through the DEOPS (State Department of Political and Social Order) and the anarchist newspapers compiled by militants and deposited in Edgard Leuenroth?s Archive (AEL) in the UNICAMP, this work demonstrate, beyond the survive of the anarchism in the 1930?s, its activities related to trade-union, political and cultural practices. Taking libertarians periodics and political police documents as selected source, points the surveilance and the repression against the anarchist press, and on the other hand the resistance to police arbitrariness of the Getúlio Vargas dictatorship. During the research appears the intense anarchist agitation on the first years after the 1930?s coup d?etat, pasing throgh the repressives waves of 1935 and 1937, going to middle 1940?s. Support actions to the prisoners taken by the Pro Social Prisoners Committee put in practice the anarchist solidarity. Discussing the concept of political crime and the state crime, try to understand the ilegal actions in existence on that period


sindicalismo brazil human rights imprensa trabalhista political persecution anarchism and anarchists perseguição politica syndicalism anarquismo e anarquistas resistencia ao governo policia direitos humanos labor press resistance to government police

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