Importancia percibida de la motricidad en Educación Infantil en los centros educativos de Vigo (España)


Educ. Pesqui.




Abstract Up to the present, a lot of documentation has been published about the importance of motor functions in the integral development of individuals. This research intends to reach out the knowledge of the concrete reality of motor practice and find out the importance given to it in the second cycle of Early Childhood Education in the schools of Vigo, Spain. A mixed methodology was chosen so that both qualitative and quantitative data could be analyzed. As part of the study, 43 schools in Vigo were visited, 50 percent of the whole resulting in a total sample of 50 questionnaires filled by the professionals in charge of providing motor skills education in those centers. Likewise, Verification Reports of Galician universities and Decree 330/2009 on Early Childhood Education were analyzed in this research. Results allow us to conclude that all professionals think it is important to develop motor skills in kindergarten classrooms, but more than half, (58 percent) indicate that work put into it is not enough. Furthermore, it was observed that the training on motor skills in Galician universities is scarce.

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