Importance analysis of the risk exposure value measurement and control in complex products development projects. / Análise da importância da mensuração e controle do valor da exposição a riscos em projetos de desenvolvimento de produtos complexos.




Nowadays, the survival of an organization is reached through the search for opportunities and projects are launched in order to take advantage of these opportunities. According to Smith and Merritt (2002), product development projects, compared with other types of projects, have additional risk elements due to the high level of innovation associated to them. The risk management is a vital component for achieving the success in project management. "[...] without mitigation, risks will introduce chaos and failure into an otherwise well-planned and managed project [...]" (ROYER, 2000, p. 6). This dissertation presents the risk management processes, concepts and tools based on literature review and explores, using the methodology of case study, its application in an Embraers project for the development of a new product that, through a risk management based on the systematic measurement and control of the risk exposure value, delivered all the contracted final deliveries within foreseen dates and costs, and in conformity with the specified technical requirements. The same performance was not noticed in a previous project, from Embraer as well, similar in scope and technology involved that had its risk management implanted only some years after its beginning. This previous project managed to deliver all contracted products to customer, however with dates and costs far beyond the initial forecasting.


embraer gerenciamento do valor agregado gestão de projetos project management earned value management system gerenciamento de riscos embraer risk management

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