Implicações da organização da produção e do trabalho na atividade dos montadores de montagem estrutural.




The Ergonomic Analysis of Work (AET), based on the Analysis of the Activity, was used to understand (a) what is exactly an assembler of structural assembly and (b) how those professionals articulate regulation mechanisms in order to guarantee their health as well as productivity. The first inquiry is answered by the Integrator Model of the Work Activity, evidencing the craft character of the work of the assemblers of structural assembly. The second inquiry, searched through the Regulation Model, shows that the assemblers add to the activity through operative means the determinant resultant from the quality patterns and the product reliability, of the production temporary goals, of the available resources and its internal state, with prominence to the anticipation and postponement mechanisms. The complexity revealed by the analysis and the comparison of the perspective of the activity with other current rationalities produces new understandings concerning the activity of the assembler of structural assembly. The tensions lie on the activity levels, of the mechanism of coordination and of the way as the results of the production are valued enabling this way that organizational procedures and technical mechanism are created to contribute to reduce the work load and to increase operational switching and the assembler posture at his work spot.


modo operário activity point of view engenharia de producao organização da produção prescribed work organization work trabalho regulação trabalho (organização) operational system rational productivity eficiência industrial operational switching real work organization

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