Implementação de um simulador para a arquitetura de dados Wolf. / Implementation of a simulator for the Wolf architecture.




This work presents the Proto-WOLF dataflow architecture and implementation of a simplified event-driven simulator for this architecture. The WOLF project is a proposal for the implementation of a supercomputer based on the dynamic dataflow model with variable granularity. In order to place the work in context, some of the basic concepts involved in simulation are presented and a survey of the most relevant works in dataflow is presented. The preliminary simulation results are presented. These results are canalized and compared with known results from the dataflow architecture of the Manchester Dataflow Machine. When the simulated Proto-WOLF machine has all its unique features disabled, it is expected that it should behave in a Manchester-like fashion. The results obtained fully agree with these. It is, then, possible to conclude that the implemented simulator is behaving in a proper manner.


arquitetura fluxo de dados wolf wolf simulation dataflow architecture simulação

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