Implantação de sistema de gestão ambiental em uma empresa metal-mecanica




The increase of competitiveness and the environmental problems are putting pressure on the organizations in order to improve its products, and thus to adjust its manufactures processes aiming the improvement of the quality of its products, increasing the productivity and reducing the operational costs. The environmental management system contributes for this process systematizing the activities and actions to prevent the pollution, reducing the waste generations at the source and identifying materials less dangerous for the environment and for the employees health. In this study is showed the NBR ISO 14001 requirements interpretation and the environmental management system implementation methodology applied in the metalmechanics enterprise. This study provides some orientation for those who are interested in having an environmental management system in his organization, providing a series of steps for the NBR ISO 14001 requirements implementation, already applied, and the solutions used to solve the problems identified during the processo


gestão ambiental meio ambiente auditorio

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