Impact of changing health care economics on Michigan hospital libraries: report of a survey.


In an attempt to determine how efforts to contain the soaring cost of U.S. health care in the 1980s have affected the size and stature of Michigan hospital libraries, a survey was sent out in April 1988 to 156 hospitals across the state. Fifteen of the 97 responding institutions did not maintain libraries during the survey period and were subsequently excluded from the study. Total FTEs in the 82 responding libraries decreased by 6.1%. In the 69 libraries reporting budget data, materials budgets increased, but by less than 7% a year. Eighteen of the 82 libraries had positions reclassified, with 12 (14.6%) assigned downgrades. The trend toward reduced size and perceived value of hospital libraries that emerged from the survey points to the need for regular collection of comprehensive hospital library statistics to assist hospital librarians in effective direction of their profession's course.

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