Imagens Técnicas e o Ensino de Arte Um Jogo Antropofágico / Teaching Techniques and Images of Art - A Game Antropofágico




The research project titled Technical Images and the Teaching Art A Anthropophagic Game is a narrative whose construction was motivated by the search for possible answers to the following question: How to turn glances through the construction of technical images? For this purpose, the context of this research involved the study of the philosopher Vilém Flusser in relation to the concepts of technical image, producing images devices and a likely game universe, as a space of subversion of the functional status of the users of such devices. In other to guide the context of the research, the Mirror Methodology has been treated as interpretive space of the Digital Images Creation Laboratory course context, taught in the 2007s first semester, and, in this narrative, chosen as trigger field of the investigative context. The reflexive interview was the strategy developed to regain contact with former course participants, of the group of night, here, participating subjects in this research. The general objective of this path was to seek clues to the systematization of the learning process once intitled The Game of Poetics. This game proved itself, in this context, as a possible formative space of libertarians players to articulate in concepts formulated in the Universe of Complex Thinking developed by Edgar Morin. Such possibility happens because three core criteria, indicative of their formation, have been mapped in the narratives of the participating subjects: Motivation, Awareness and Action. These players will be responsible for starting the Anthropophagic Game at the heart of Telematics Network, structuring system of the Null Game, meta-game of Cartesian Thought, generator of the Universe of Technical Images.


1. arte estudo e ensino 2. flusser, vilém 3. imagem tecnica technical image game of poetics artes ensino de arte jogo da poética art teaching imagem técnica

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