Imagens em espelho: uma discussÃo sobre consumo, juventude e socializaÃÃo




In the contemporary society, youth becomes a privileged category, being much more than an appointment to an age class. The cultural process of social behave building of modern youngs created, by one hand, an possible youthâ image to be suitable as publicity sign. Therefore, the youth image became publicitary message vehicle that shows happy way of life associated to designer label in order to arouse interest in the consumer. This reflection raised our general purpose: analyse how publicity offers symbolic informations in order to make youth identities in Recife and how these informations are associated to consumption codes in the contemporary society. Therefore, what is the meanings youth imputes to the publicity symbolic informations with regard to youth identity? This question induced us to adopt as foundation theorical-methodological the senses negociation through Cultural Studies perspective and style of life Pierre Bourdieu notion as way of identities building in the contemporaneousness. Therefore, we propose to discuss youth models and stereotypes from Pierre Bourdieu style of life notion, and how these models are used by youth discussing the senses negociation from Cultural Studies perspective. We intend to seize how analyse subject the way how youth is perceived in nowadays, in the presence of contemporary changes and emergent sociological and anthropological new shapes in which identities became common, suggesting persons are determined by their images, possessions and way of life


juventude mÃdia estudos culturais cultural studies cultura de consumo youth culture of consumption media sociologia

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