Iluminação natural em setores de produção de edifícios industriais : estudos de caso na região metropolitana de Campinas / Daylighting in manufacturing sectors of industrial buildings : case studies in the metropolitan region of Campinas


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Although daylighting is a renewable resource, clean and costless, support to energy efficiency of a built environment and promoter of wellness state and health, it is not yet used in an efficient way in industrial building design, probably because architects and its clients ignore its principles, resources and possibilities. On the other hand, one notes an increasing interest related to the environment conditions improvement, focused on greater productivity shared with respect to the environment, but yet with few attention to the project. The main goal of this research is to qualitatively analyze in qualitative terms the performance daylighting systems used in industrial buildings at Metropolitan area of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, in order to diagnosticate them and, eventually to suggest possible design strategies for future buildings of such typology, that could encourage a maximum daylight s quality usage. It includes the industrialization phenomena in Brazil and in the city of Campinas, as well as other daylighting principles applied to industrial buildings. The luminance s distribution in the production area of industrial buildings previously selected was taken by photographs taken in loco, with image s creation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) converted in false colors. After that, computer based sequences were simulated in a specific daylighting condition under clear-sky using DIALux software (validated), in comparison with HDR images, since in a real situation it was not possible to take pictures only under pure daylighting. The sky conditions in the simulations were the same ones that were found when visiting industries. A scale model for one of the industries was made and photographed using HDR images technique in order to have a better understanding about light distribution and also to test the procedure validation, that was not in the thematic literature about daylighting. This research concluded that the main problems related with daylighting in manufacturing areas of the industries analyzed are due to the following factors: lack of maintenance of daylighting capture systems and lack of integration with the artificial lighting system, which clearly states that those buildings are created for simple warehouses to place industrial activities, and not as an architectural building


iluminação natural edifícios industriais - iluminação de interiores natural lighting image processing industrial buildings processamento de imagens - técnicas digitais

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