Ilex paraguariensis extract prevents body weight gain in rats fed a high-fat diet


Food Sci. Technol




ABSTRACT Studies have shown that drinks containing Ilex paraguariensis extract can promote many benefits in animals and in humans. The present study aimed to evaluate in vivo effects of Ilex paraguariensis extract on metabolic profile, obesity prevention and expression of genes related with adipogenesis and lipogenesis in Wistar female rats fed a high-fat diet. For this experiment 32 Wistar female rats with normal weight were used and randomly separated into four groups: diet (standard or high-fat) and treatment (water or Ilex paraguariensis extract) for 34 days. The rats receiving Ilex paraguariensis extract had lower body weight compared to the control group in both diets. Likewise, there was a reduction in triglycerides in the groups fed high-fat diet and treated with Ilex paraguariensis extract. The creatinine levels were lower in the groups treated with Ilex paraguariensis and in high-fat diet. It was observed an increased liver gene expression for Fas and Scd1 in the group treated with hyperlipid diet + Ilex paraguariensis. It can be concluded that Ilex paraguariensis extract decreased body weight gain in both control and high-fat diets, reduced plasma triglycerides and creatinine levels and increased liver expression of genes related to lipogenesis.

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