Identification of the RNA binding segment of human U1 A protein and definition of its binding site on U1 snRNA.


The interaction between the U1 snRNP-specific U1 A protein and U1 snRNA has been analysed. The binding site for the protein on the RNA is shown to be in hairpin II, which extends from positions 48 to 91 in the RNA. Within this hairpin the evolutionarily conserved loop sequence is crucial for interaction with U1 A protein. U1 A protein can also bind the loop sequence when it is part of an artificial RNA which cannot form a stable hairpin structure. The region of the protein required to bind to U1 snRNA consists of a conserved 80 amino acid motif, previously identified in many ribonucleoprotein (RNP) proteins, together with (maximally) 11 N-terminal and 10 C-terminal flanking amino acids. Point mutations introduced into two of the most highly conserved regions of this motif abolish RNA binding. U1 snRNA mutants from which the U1 A binding site has been deleted are shown to be capable of assembly into RNP particles which are immunoprecipitable by patient antisera which recognize U1 A protein. The role of RNA-protein and protein-protein interactions in U snRNP assembly are discussed.

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