Identificação de parametros de mancal através de analise de correlações / Bearing parameters identification through correlation analysis




This work presents an identification methodology of stiffness and damping parameters of rolling bearings in a rotor-bearing system. The proposed method is based on Ljapunov matrix equation and state space representation. Through the definition of correlations used in matrix equation, it is possible to generate an algorithm that relates system physical parameters to the correlation matrixes of the measured variables in time domain without the knowledge of the external input forces. The purpose of this work is to make a theoretical study of the viability of this methodology used in real systems. Simulations were performed considering a rotating system with twenty degrees of freedom excited by random forces, system at rest, and by unbalance forces considering several rotation frequencies and bearing characteristics. The numerical results show the proposed method is feasible and it can be used to identify real machines.


machinery dynamics dinamica de maquinas identificação de sistemas correlation analysis parametric identification estimativa de parametros

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