Humm! Tem pão quentinho e confeitos divinos : desvelando relações entre trabalho e educação na formação profissional do técnico em panificação e confeitaria


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This Mater thesis analyzed the Professional Formation of the Bakery and Confectionery Technician from the Porto Alegre Campus of Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia. The starting points of investigation were the historical separation between work and education and the schooling of the Brazilian working force, taking into consideration the growth of the Rede Federal de Educação Técnica e Tecnológica. This research is based on an attempt of understanding how the worker-student rebuilds the relation between Work and Education from its own condition, having the work as his Educational Principle, with all the difficulties and challenges he faces on the daily routine, on the school environment, in a society that values the capitalist reproduction, set by the social and technical division of work and therefore doesn¿t recognize nor validate the knowledge acquired from work. The research field highlights a new professional on a technical level and a work environment full of other workers. The methodological backgrounds were guided by ethnometodology, through participant observation and the use of field diary and interviews. The construction of the research object demanded the triangulation between empiria and theory, in which the researcher has the role of mediator and actor on the pursuit for establishing and keeping a coherent dialogue among the theoretical and empirical interlocutors. So, this dissertation is not an autobiography but it recognizes the importance of taking the right decisions along the research. The research problem, the categories of analysis and the theoretical references came from the research field. The theoretical reference¿s principle believes humans are developed through their daily routine in the world, emphasizing that knowledge acquired from work is mandatory to the human existence and it comes from the daily routine and from dialogues that focus on school learning. They both constitute the worker¿s learning. On this thesis, the abordagem ergológica is a reference for analysis and triangulation among many patrimonies of learning stored, taught and the live patrimony from the working activities. The analysis was focused on three themes chosen from all the subjects of the research, that are: 1. The different ways of producing bread and confections, including aspects of the Production Process, Academic Itinerary, the safety, good manners, the laboratory cleaning, the relation with the machinery and the use of pre-mixed sources, and also the duo valuation/devaluation from the work of the Technician in Bakery and Confectionery; 2. The gluten Variations as an overview from the multiple relation between the scientific patrimony and the learning from the working experience; and, 3.The Baking and Confectionery goods on its multiple dimensions including economic, historic, cultural, religious, artistic and aesthetic aspects. As a follow-up of the results is the conclusion that the Professional Formation must consider not only aspects from the economic field but also the work as a socio-historical and cultural aspect. Therefore, Professional Education must be based on the employability and also on the formation of workers who are able to re-establish new fair social relations, that will only be possible through a coherent articulation between the technical and political formation, that does no separate theory from empiria, handmade from intellectual work, with the goal of a socio-historic comprehension of work, sciences, productive activities, literature and arts and allow the comprehension of scientific, cultural and social principles of work and life. Finally, this thesis shows that a polytechnic, reflexive and critical Professional Education can be taught from the working activities.


educação profissional professional education ergologia ergologia trabalho bakery ensino técnico confectionery

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