Human development in old age : a study about losses and bereavement of women in the beginning of the aging process / Desenvolvimento humano na velhice : um estudo sobre as perdas e o luto entre mulheres no início do processo de envelhecimento




The present work aims to investigate life losses faced by women who are getting older and their ways to deal with bereavement. Old age is a phase of development marked by multiple important losses that demand a painful psychical elaboration. In despite of usual negative representations and attempts to deny old age, opportunities are opened for new roles, socialization, learning and growing. The objective of this work was to investigate some current aging experiences of the participants, their difficulties, concrete and symbolic deaths and their life projects. The research approach was qualitative. An open question was presented and the interview was conducted taking in account what the participants considered as relevant issues. Four women participated, raging from 53 to 64 years of age. They were engaged on activities of the USPs Open School for the Third Age, in the Psychology Institute, São Paulo, Brasil. Outstanding issues in their speeches were categorized and analyzed considering thematic points. The reports showed that the main sources of suffering were about losses of spouses, of work and the demands of taking care of older parents. It was observed that some obstacles to face the losses in old age are the lack of preparation to deal with old age and retirement, the lack of professional support and the solitude. It was clear that this is an important phase of transitions which demands care and attention in order to obtain better quality of life in aging. Spaces to discuss the tosses and the mourning processes in aging have been suggested.


envelhecimento luto old age velhice desenvolvimento humano aging human development grief

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